PhoneSoap Go Battery Powered UV Sanitizer Indigo

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Get back on the road with peace of mind with the first and only battery powered portable phone sanitizer. Safely sanitize your phone while you charge on the go without harmful heat, liquids or harsh chemicals by neutralizing up to 99.99% of germs using UV-C technology. Glow means go, when the glowing lightning bolt indicator light is on, you know your device is receiving 360-degree disinfection, reaching the smallest crevices even liquid cleaners can’t reach in under 10 minutes. PhoneSoap Go’s built-in rechargeable battery allows you to sanitize up to 45 times or fully charge your phone up to 4 times on one charge. PhoneSoap Go fits phones of all sizes and it can also be used to sanitize other small items including ear buds, car keys, credit cards and more. PhoneSoap Go has two medical-grade UV-C lightbulbs on the top and bottom on the inside of the unit and each unit comes with a lifetime bulb warranty offering replacement bulbs at no cost to you so you can keep sanitizing.

All of the E-waste recycled in the US every year amount to more than 100 million pounds of materials, including plastics, metals, glass and other materials.

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