Recertification Process

Esport Certified products are professionally restored to meet or exceed brand manufacture quality and are in like-new condition. This means that each product has been thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and repaired to meet original manufacturer quality specifications. Each ESC recertified product may or may not be in its original packaging, however, each receives a new UPC code and amended part # to ensure proper positioning and maintaining channel integrity. We place our own 90 Day warranty, in addition to any brand manufacture warranty, on every product they sell.

 Esport Certified Refurbishing Product Image 1 Warehouse

ESC Product Processing programs all start at Level 1; QA visual inspection, screen, report, sort and clean, test, repack, Q/A and inventory condition assigned then we integrate into ERP system (Blockchain) and vendor reporting tools. Level 2 programs start with all Level 1 actions, ensuring consistency, along with; data wiping, restore (DoD) test, triage and repair processes, Q/A then integrate into ERP (Blockchain) system along with vendor reporting tools providing clear and concise details, transparency and ultimately accountability to the many brand manufacture partners who have entrusted us with their business for over three decades. 

Esport Certified Refurbish Product Image 2 Warehouse

ESC recertifies a wide variety of Consumer Electronic (CE) and Information Technology (IT) categories such as tablets, gaming and non-gaming notebooks and desktops, routers, switches and extenders, headsets, mice and keyboards, Wi-Fi and security cameras, LED & LCD TV’s, Bluetooth audio, headsets and many other product families. 

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Brand manufactures such as Microsoft, Razer, Steel Series, Hyper X, Netgear, HP, GoPro, and RIG, to name a few, have entrusted ESC with their recertification requirements because we set the highest standards in quality with a relentless commitment to excellence.