5 Reasons Why Gaming Headsets are Perfect for Students

Many students are content to use the cheap earbuds that were included with their mobile phones. In most cases, these earbuds are flimsy products that offer mediocre performance. Picking up gaming headsets for students is one of the best upgrades that you can make. A quality gaming headset will help improve your life as a student and your life as a gamer. To help you understand why gaming headsets for students are right for you, Esport Certified presents 5 reasons why gaming headsets are perfect for students.


5) Gaming Headsets Offer Fantastic Comfort

Whether they’re playing console games while sitting on a couch or playing PC games while sitting at a desk, many gamers play for hours at a time. This is why comfort is an important facet of most gaming headsets. The benefits translate well for students. You’ll be more comfortable listening to online class lectures, chatting with friends, watching movies, and more with a pair of quality headsets.


While gaming headsets are loaded with all sorts of incredible features, comfort is king for many gamers. The RIG 800HD Wireless Headset offers outstanding comfort, thanks to its ample noise-blocking ear cups, feathery floating headband design, and light weight. You’ll be able to wear this gaming headset all day long, going from class to playing games to listening to your favorite music and more.


5 Reasons Why Gaming Headsets Are Great for Students


4) Gaming Headsets for Students Have Superb Sound Quality


Sound is a vital element of gaming, especially when it comes to competitive play. Gamers need a headset that lets them hear the details of gameplay, as well as teammate communication. Many “freebie” earbuds have adequate sound, at best. That won’t cut it for gamers. They need high-quality sound that’s accurate, crystal clear, and detailed. These properties are great for scholastic life as well, allowing them to hear everything better and clearer.


When it comes to audio quality, it doesn’t get much better than the SteelSeries Arctis Pro. One of the best gaming headsets for students on the market, the Arctis Pro is known for its pristine sound quality. In fact, many pundits consider it to have “audiophile-level” sound. With the Arctis Pro on your ears, you’ll hear every word of your online classes and every beat of your favorite songs clear as day.


Artics Pro Wireless Headset 5 Reasons Why Gaming Headsets are Good for Students


3) Quality Microphones are Essential


For cooperative and squad-based games, communication is vital. This is why gaming headsets feature high-quality microphones. Having a great microphone on your headset helps your coordinate strategies and tactics, and can make the difference between defeat and victory. Student gamers can take advantage of great microphones in gaming headsets in class discussions, video chats with friends, and more.


If microphone quality is high on your priority list then you’ll want to check out the Razer Nari Wireless Gaming Headset. It sports a unidirectional condenser microphone that excels at picking up your voice, while blocking out any background sound. Best of all, the mic is retractable. You can keep it in your bag while you’re listening to a lecture or watching a movie, then pop it on the headset when it’s time to chat or play.


Razer Nari Headset




2) Sound Isolation Help You Stay Focused


Keeping focused on gameplay is a must when it comes to competitive gaming. You need to block out any background noise, whether it’s your roommate blasting music you can't stand, loud chatter in the common room, or life simply happening (loudly) around you. Most gaming headsets are designed to keep the outside world at bay, while you blissfully enjoy the action on your screen. This feature is awesome for student life as well, allowing you to block out noise while you’re trying to study at a coffeehouse or simply trying to get lost as you binge the latest Netflix series on your computer.


All the gaming headsets on Esports Certified offer sound isolation that’s good to great. If you’re looking for something with noise cancellation in mind then the Bose QuietControl 30 (QC30) are perfect for you. Favored by many business travelers that aim to negate airplane engine noise, this neckband headset offers adjustable noise cancellation that lets you hear a bit of what’s happening around you or block it out completely. The Bose QC30 are lightweight and comfortable, making them ideal for all-day use. They also have a balanced sound that’s suitable for a wide variety of content and a stellar microphone that’s perfect for calls or chats. With that combination of features, you’ll have no problem staying focused.


Bose Headset 5 Reasons Why Gaming Headsets Are Great for Gaming


1) Gaming Headsets For Students Offer Brilliant Versatility


Many consumer headsets excel in only one area. Gaming headsets, on the other hand, do many things excellently. As you can see from the above, gaming headsets are comfortable, offer great sound quality, have excellent microphones, and have superior noise cancellation. For the number of features that they offer for the price, gaming headsets offer unmatched value and versatility.


Students live versatile lives and they need headsets that can keep up with them. The versatility of gaming headsets make them suitable for music, movies, games, remote learning, and more. Getting a broad set of features in a reasonably priced package is perfect for a student budget too. Sure, you can pay an arm and a leg for the latest audiophile headphones, but gaming headsets let you do more for less money.


Esport Certified Has the Best Gaming Headsets for Students


The team at Esport Certified hopes you’ve learned more about why gaming headsets are great for students. Whether your priority is comfort, sound quality, or price, we’re confident that we have the perfect gaming headset for you.


Esport Certified hopes that you’ll choose us when you’re shopping for gaming headsets for students, as well as any other computer systems or gaming accessories you’re looking for. In addition to offering you great products at great prices, we are committed to reducing e-waste and have a generous return policy. On behalf of everyone in the company, we hope that you have a happy, successful, and safe school year.


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