EPOS Audio GSX 1200 Pro Audio Amp with 7.1 Surround Sound

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Exceptional audio control Designed for the driven team gamer up to eight GSX 1200 PRO Audio Amplifiers can be connected together for the ultimate in hard-wired lag-free communication and control of inbound and outbound chat. An inbound microphone gain wheel and separate control of the loudness of your own voice in your headset delivers focus on game chat for on-the-fly strategy discussions. A proprietary 7.1 Virtual Surround Algorithm developed for competitive gamers provides the ultimate in spatial awareness and positional gaming audio. Precise control of both game and chat audio is provided by separate adjustment of and one-touch switching between headphones and speakers. Lock your audio configuration settings to prevent accidental changes and dominate with precision audio cues and ultimate audio control. Features: Proprietary engine for precise 7.1 surround sound Chain up to eight amplifiers for lag-free chat Integrated outbound microphone volume control Balance game audio and chat with separate controls One-touch switch mode for control of audio settings Customize sound profiles for specific games Lock your settings to prevent accidental changes EPOS Surround; proprietary 7.1 surround sound Binaural Rendering Engine 7.1 surround sound The proprietary high-tech audio engine delivers exceptional spatial awareness and positional game audio. Deep bass extension extreme acoustic clarity and precise accuracy deliver the game audio details and positional audio cues for instant reaction and an immersive game experience. Link up your GSX 1200 PRO Amplifiers Daisy chain up to eight amplifiers together for the ultimate in lag-free team communication. Hard-wiring the amplifiers together creates a direct communication link to your team and delivers precise clear and instant team chats for strategizing through the most intense game action.

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