Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer Racing Wheel (Ferrari 488 Challenge Edition), Black

$699.99 Retail price $700.00
The Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer Racing Wheel connects to Windows systems via USB to reproduce life-like experiences of driving a virtual car in racing simulators. The TS-PC Racer comes with a 40W motor that enables you to handle long stall curves or zigzag maneuvers. It features a closed-wheel design with Alcantara grips and 270 to 1080 Degree rotations. For quick access to menus, settings, and abilities, it is equipped with two directional D-pads, two rotary buttons, and eight actions buttons. To meet the needs of intense torque demands, Thrustmaster has outfitted the racing wheel with HallEffect AccuRate technology as well as a F.O.C. algorithm. With an included clamping system, you can secure the wheel to a table. In addition, powering this racing wheel is done with an external 400W power supply.
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